Whiskey Bend
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  • Live Acoustic Duet!

    It’s like having old friends over to sing and play on the back porch.
  • Nicole and Jim make your audience as comfortable as they make themselves at your place.

    It's like a couple of your good friends dropping by for a great time. Everyone will feel right at home, singing along, drinking and eating the afternoon or evening away.
  • Original Music. Find our first release on iTunes and Pandora.

    Covers from the Eagles, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Poison, Jerry Reed, Joan Jett, Florida Georgia Line, and Garth Brooks to the Monkees (you get the idea; we play just about every genre of music).
  • We play wineries, bars, small venues, family gatherings, large auditorium venues, and festivals.

    Call us, give us the details, and let us shoot you a price.
  • Our prices are negotiable depending on the venue, distance, and if we have other gigs booked near you around the same time.

    A weekend in Hermann, MO. or the southern Illinois Wine trail, with several venues scheduled to play, makes the added cost of travel less for everyone involved. If your venue is more than a few hundred miles away, we will try and book a gig or two along the way to reduce costs (and basically make the trip more fun).
  • Do you have a non-profit (as defined by the IRS) event for a worthwhile cause?

    Nicole and Jim may be willing to play for free in exchange for an in-kind contribution receipt. This is up to the artists, and is considered on a case by case basis.
  • We have access to other very talented artists, who play a wide variety of music.

    Can be added to the booking for a larger show if your needs demand a 6 to 12-hour show, an all day, or a multi-show event.
  • We have merchandise (CD's, Shirts, Caps, etc.) we would like to sell to your patrons during and after the show.

    With your permission, of couse.
  • We offer marketing ideas for our shows.

    Contact us and we can help you make your next event amazing.


Whiskey Bend

© Copyright 2016 - Gary Stanfield & Riviera Records and Video Production

Whiskey Bend

© Copyright 2016 - Gary Stanfield & Riviera Records and Video Production

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